I’m at the tail end of re-decorating my living room right now, and although at this very moment it looks like complete and utter chaos, it’s actually starting to all come together. I’m down to the little finishing touches like pillows and accessories, and I’m beyond excited to show you all the full reveal of what the space looks like! Because I’m sure you’re all dying to see where I curl up and watch my favorite reality TV shows at night, right??
One project I tackled this week was the area above my faux fireplace. Earlier this year, I made these awesome-sauce DIY Barn Wood Shutters that I just adore. They were super easy and cheap to make, and it added a ton of texture and dimension to that blank wall space. Seriously, LOVE them. What I didn’t love… was the color I picked. (You can see the original color here.) I wanted to keep the shutters a natural wood color to let all the beautiful wood grain show through, but the color I chose didn’t go well with the two-tone paint job I did on the fireplace mantel. Bummer, dude. 
So I took this opportunity to test out a paint trick I’ve wanted to try for a loooong time, and it worked so perfectly that I decided it deserved its very own blog post! It’s THAT good! If you’re a fan of vintage, distressed furniture but not into the hours upon hours of sanding it takes to achieve that look, this tutorial, my friends, is for you: How to Distress Paint with Vaseline! 

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